Use and Care Manual

6. A fully discharged pack with an internal temperature in the
normal range will fully charge in 2.5 to 3 hours (between
32ºF/0ºC and 113ºF/45ºC). Heavily cycled battery packs
may take longer to charge completely.
7. The battery charge indicator lights on the battery pack will
display as the pack is charging to indicate the battery’s
8. After charging is complete, the continuous green light will
turn on and the charge level indicator on the battery will
turn o.
9. If the charging light indicator alternately blinks red and
green or the light indicator does not come on at all, check
that the battery pack is fully seated into the bay. Remove
the pack and reinsert. If the problem persists, contact the
Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
customer service center at
1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563) for assistance.
10. When charging is complete, remove the battery from the
charger by pulling the push lock button and sliding the
battery backward to unlock it from the charger (Fig. 12).
11. Timely recharging of the battery will help prolong the
battery's life. You must recharge the battery pack when
you notice a drop in the equipment's power.
IMPORTANT! Never allow the battery pack to become fully
discharged as this will cause irreversible damage to the battery.
Charging a Hot or Cold Battery Pack
A red and green ashing indicator light on the charger indicates
that the battery pack temperature is outside the charging
range. Once the pack is within the acceptable range, normal
charging will take place and the red light will be continuous.
Hot or cold battery packs may take longer to charge.
IMPORTANT! The lawn mover is equipped with a safety circuit
to prevent unauthorized use. Directly before starting up the
lawn mower insert the safety key into one of the slots found
inside the battery housing (Fig. 13) and remove the safety key
again whenever you interrupt or terminate your work.
To prevent the equipment from switching on accidentally, the
lawn mower is equipped with two safety switch buttons which
must be pressed for either AC (electric) or DC (battery). Select
the desired mode, push the corresponding button, then pull
the switch bar lever.
Flashing green
Flashing red
Temperature abnormal
Flashing red only
Something is wrong
Fig. 12
Release button
Battery Pack
Lithium-iON Charging Status
Too hot Flashing Not charging
Normal range Continuous Normal charging
Too cold Flashing Not charging
Red Charger
Indicator Light
Fig. 13
Safety key