Use and Care Manual

NOTE: AC mode means the power is coming from the
electrical outlet. DC mode means the power is coming from
the lithium-ion battery.
If you are using AC (electric) power mode:
1. Push a loop of the extension cord through the slot on the
cord lock from the opposite side of the restraint hook.
Position the loop over the hook and pull the cable back
through the slot (Fig. 14).
2. Insert the female end of the extension cord into the
appliance's polarized male plug (Fig. 15).
3. Make sure that the slot cover is over the DC slot, and
insert the safety key into the AC slot (Fig. 16).
4. To power on, press the AC safety lock button located on
the outside of the switch box, and pull the switch lever
towards yourself while pressing the AC safety lock button.
When the machine runs stably, you can release the AC
safety lock button (Fig. 17).
5. To power o the mower, simply release the switch lever.
Fig. 14
Fig. 15
Appliance cord
Fig. 16
Safety key
AC slot
Slot cover
Fig. 17
AC safety lock
Switch lever