Use and Care Manual

If you are using DC (battery) power mode:
1. Open the battery compartment cover and slide the battery
down to lock it into position (Fig. 18).
2. Make sure that the slot cover is over the AC slot, and
insert the safety key into the DC slot (Fig. 19).
3. To power on, press the DC safety lock button located
on the inside of the switch box, and pull the switch bar
lever towards yourself while pressing the DC safety lock
button. When the machine runs stably, you can release
the DC safety lock button (Fig. 20).
4. To power o the mower, simply release the switch lever.
Grass Bag Filling Level Indicator
1. The grass bag is equipped with a lling level indicator
window that is opened by the airow that the lawn mower
generates during operation (Fig. 21).
2. If the ap closes during mowing, this indicates that the
grass bag is full and must be emptied (Fig. 21).
NOTE: To ensure that the lling level indicator functions
properly, keep the holes under the ap clean and permeable.
Fig. 18
Fig. 19
Safety key
DC slot
Slot cover
Fig. 20
Switch lever
DC safety lock
Fig. 21
Grass indicator window