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Model MJ1800M Form No. SJ-MJ1800M-880E-M
Safety Instructions
All Operators Must Read These
Instructions Before Use
Always follow these safety guidelines. Failure to do so may
result in serious bodily injury or death.
General Safety WARNINGS!
When using this reel mower, basic safety precautions should
always be followed to reduce the risk of personal injury. These
precautions include:
mWARNING! This unit can be dangerous! Careless or
improper use can cause serious injury.
mWARNING! Risk of dismemberment: keep hands and
feet away from the rotating blades and the cutting area.
Before using the reel mower, familiarize yourself with the
controls, especially how to stop the mower in an emergency.
The only individuals who should use the mower are those who
thoroughly understand these instructions and know how to
properly operate the unit. Children should never be allowed
access to the mower.
Retain this manual for future reference and reread it at the start
of each mowing season.
Safety Information
1. Never place hands, ngers, or feet inside the reel.
Although this mower is not powered by a motor, the reel
spins when the wheels turn, and it is sharp enough to
cause serious injury.
2. Never mow when the grass is wet as it can be slippery.
3. Do not use the reel mower while barefoot or while wearing
4. Walk behind, never run, while using the reel mower.
Always keep proper footing and balance when using this
reel mower.
5. Do not intentionally strike or hit trees, fences, or
other objects. Doing so can cause severe injuries or
permanently damage the reel mower's mechanisms.
6. Make sure that the reel mower is in proper working order
prior to use. Do not attempt to operate this reel mower if
it is damaged. Contact your authorized Snow Joe
+ Sun
dealer or call the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
service center at 1-866- SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563).
Safety Instructions for Walk-Behind
Reel Mowers
General Operation
Read, understand, and follow all instructions on the
machine and in the manual(s) before starting.
Do not put hands or feet near or under the machine.
Always stay clear of the discharge opening.
Only responsible adults who are familiar with the
instructions should be allowed to operate this machine.
Clear the mowing area of foreign objects such as rocks,
wire, toys, and other miscellaneous articles, which could
be picked up and thrown by the rotating blades.
• Make sure that the mowing area is clear of bystanders
before starting the mower. Stop the mower if anyone
enters the area.
Always look down and behind before starting and while
moving backward with the mower.
Do not operate the machine without safety protective
devices in place and in proper working order.
Never operate the mower on wet grass. Always be sure of
your footing; walk, never run, with the mower.
Keep blades sharp.
Keep hands and feet away from the cutting area.
Always wear eye protection when operating the machine.
Objects struck by the reel mower blades can cause severe
injuries. The mowing area should always be carefully
examined and cleared of all objects prior to each mowing.
Only use identical replacement blades.

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