Replacement Part List

NOTE: Lubricate the axle and pinion with a light lm of wheel
bearing grease.
Cleaning and Storage
1. Clean the exterior of the machine thoroughly using a
soft brush and cloth before storing. Do not use water,
solvents, or polishes.
2. Turn the mower on its side to clean the blade area.
mWARNING! Do not place your hands inside or near
the cutting area. If grass cuttings are compacted in the blade
area, remove them using a wood or plastic cleaning tool
appropriate for blade cleaning.
3. Store the mower in a dry place. Do not place other
objects on top of the mower during storage.
Maintenance Tips
Reel mowers are relatively low maintenance. For consistent
cutting, follow the below instructions:
• Always keep the cutting bar properly adjusted. Refer to the
instruction manual for further directions.
• Regularly clean and lubricate cutting edges with light spray
IMPORTANT! Reel mowers have diculty cutting tall weeds,
such as dandelions, and will often bend, rather than cut, such
weeds. Cut often to prevent this.
Service and Support
If your Sun Joe
MJ1800M manual reel mower requires
service or maintenance, please call the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
customer service center at 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-
Model and Serial Numbers
When contacting the company or reordering parts, you
will need to provide the model and serial numbers of your
product. These are found on the decal axed to the housing
of your reel mower. Copy these numbers into the space
provided below.
Record the following numbers from the housing or handle of your
new product:
M J 1 8 0 0 M
Model #:
Serial #: