User Manual

11. DO NOT store or use the tool and battery pack in
locations where the temperature may reach or exceed
104 ºF (40 ºC). Dangerous storing locations include
outdoor sheds or metal buildings in the summer.
12. The charger is designed to operate on standard household
electrical power (120 V). Do not attempt to use it with any
other voltage!
NOTE: The integrated battery is not fully charged out of
the carton. Read the safety instructions and then follow
the charging notes and procedures.
13. The longest life and best performance can be obtained if
the integrated battery is charged when the air temperature
is between 64.4ºF – 75.2ºF (18ºC – 24ºC). Do not charge
the battery pack when the air temperature falls below
50ºF (10ºC) or above 104ºF (40ºC). Following these safety
measures will prevent damage to the battery pack.
14. Do not incinerate the integrated battery even if it is
seriously damaged or completely worn out. The battery
can explode in a re.
Safety Instructions for
Walk-Behind Mowers
General Operation
Read, understand and follow all instructions on the
machine and in the manual(s) before starting.
Do not put hands or feet near or under the machine.
Always stay clear of the discharge opening.
Only responsible adults who are familiar with the
instructions should be allowed to operate this machine.
Clear the mowing area of foreign objects such as rocks,
wire, toys and other miscellaneous articles, which could
be picked up and thrown by the blade. Stay behind the
handle when the engine (motor) is running.
Make sure that the mowing area is clear of bystanders
before starting the machine. Stop the machine if anyone
enters the area.
Do not operate the machine barefooted or while wearing
sandals. Always wear substantial footwear.
Always look down and behind before and while moving
backward with the mower.
Never direct discharged material toward anyone. Avoid
discharging material against a wall or other obstruction.
Do not operate the machine without the entire grass
catcher, discharge guard, rear guard or other safety
protective devices in place and in proper working order.
Never leave a running machine unattended.
Stop the engine (motor) and wait until the blade comes to
a complete stop before cleaning the machine, removing
the grass catcher or unclogging the discharge guard.
Operate the machine only in daylight or in good articial
Do not operate the machine when you are tired or under
the inuence of alcohol or drugs.
Never operate the mower in wet grass. Always be sure of
your footing; walk, never run, with the mower.
If the machine should start to vibrate abnormally, stop
the engine (motor) and immediately check the machine
to ascertain the cause. Vibration is generally a signal of
Keep blades sharp.
Keep hands and feet away from the cutting area.
Always wear eye protection when operating the machine.
Objects struck by the lawn mower blade can cause severe
injuries. The mowing area should always be carefully
examined and cleared of all objects prior to each mowing.
Slope Operation
Slopes are major factors related to slip and fall accidents,
which can result in severe injury. Operation on all slopes
requires extra caution. If you feel uneasy on a slope, do not
mow it.
Mow across the face of slopes; never mow slopes
following an up and down traverse. Exercise extreme
caution when changing direction on a slope.
Watch for holes, ruts, bumps, rocks or other hidden
objects. These may cause an unexpected slip or fall.
Do not mow on wet grass or excessively steep slopes.
Poor footing could cause a slip and fall accident.
Do not mow near drop os, ditches or embankments. You
could lose your footing or balance.
Tragic accidents can occur if the operator is not alert to the
presence of children. Children are often attracted to the
machine and the mowing activity. Never assume that children
will remain where you last saw them.
Keep children out of the mowing area and under the
watchful care of a responsible adult other than the
Stay alert and turn the mower o if a child enters the area.
Never let children operate the machine.
Use extra care when approaching blind corners, shrubs,
trees or other objects that may block your view of a child.