Specification Sheet

Product Specifications
Acreage per Charge
Square Feet per Charge
Charging Cable Length (ft.)
No Load Speed (rpm)
Grass Bag
10.6 gal (40 L)
Wheel Size (in.)
5.5 in. (14 cm)
Assembled Weight (lb.)
23.1 pounds (Battery installed)
Battery Capacity (Ah)
Deck Size (in.)
Product Type
Cordless Mower
How do I read my current battery level?
My mower is not starting up. What are some potential issues?
Possible Cause
Mower fails to start
The safety key may not be inserted
The motor/blade control is disengaged
The battery may be faulty or flat
The mower deck is clogged with grass or debris
The grass is too tall
Will this unit come with a battery and charger?
Our cordless units ship with batteries and chargers included. The exception to this rule is any
unit noted with "CT" or "Core Tool Only". CT units do not ship with the normally included
accessories, and require the separate purchase of a battery and charger.
LED's Illumiated
1- Green, 2-Yellow, 3-Red
More than 60% Charged
1- Not illuminated, 2- Yellow, 3-Red
More than 30% Charged
1- Not illuminated, 2- Not illuminted
3- Red
Less than 30% Charged.
Needs to be charged.

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