Use and Care Guide

Safety Symbols
The following table depicts and describes safety symbols that may appear on this product. Read, understand and follow all
instructions on the machine before attempting to assemble and operate.
To reduce the risk of injury, user
must read instruction manual.
Safety Alert. Caution.
Slip on slope hazard – Use extra
caution when mowing on slopes to
prevent slip and fall accidents.
Severing of toes or ngers by
rotary mower blade.
Thrown objects and rotating
blade can cause severe injury.
Wear eye and hearing protection. For
protection against injury, wear ear
defenders and safety goggles.
Keep bystanders and children a safe
distance away.
DANGER! Rotating blades. Keep
hands and feet away.
Symbols SymbolsDescriptions Descriptions
WARNING! Do not expose or
operate the unit in rain or wet
conditions. Keep dry.
Wear protective gloves and
non-slip footwear when using the
machine and handling debris.
Keep bystanders a safe distance
away from the work area.
Blades continue to rotate after
machine is switched o.
WARNING! Always turn the machine
OFF and remove the safety key
before conducting inspection,
cleaning and maintenance.
Indoor use only. Only use battery charger indoors.
Look behind when backing up with
the lawn mower.
Rotating blades, keep hands and
feet away from the opening while
the machine is running.