Replacement Part List

mWARNING! If you strike a foreign object, stop the motor
and disconnect the power cord. Thoroughly inspect the mower
for any damage. Repair any damage before operating the
mWARNING! Before cleaning, repairing, or inspecting the
electric lawn mower + mulcher, disconnect the power supply
to the unit and verify that all moving parts have come to a
complete stop.
1. Do not spray the unit with water. Intake of water may
destroy the switch/plug mechanism and the electric
2. Clean the unit with a dry cloth or hand brush. Expert
inspection is required:
a) if the lawn mower + mulcher strikes an object.
b) if the motor stops suddenly.
c) if the blade is bent (do not align).
d) if the motor shaft is bent (do not align).
e) if a short-circuit occurs when the cable is connected.
f) if the gears are damaged.
g) if the V-belt is defective.
Replacing and Resharpening the
Mowing Blade
At the end of each mowing season, always resharpen the
mowing blade or, if required, replace the mowing blade
with a new one. You can purchase a replacement blade
(Model MJ403E-32) and other replacement parts online at Always have the mowing blade resharpened
or replaced by an authorized Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
1. Disconnect the electrical supply to the mower.
2. Turn the mower on its side to expose the underside of the
blade housing.
3. Use a cloth to grip the blade or wear heavy-duty gloves.
4. Using an adjustable wrench, remove the bolt securing the
mower blade by turning the bolt counterclockwise, then
carefully remove the blade (Fig. 13).
5. Fit the new blade and the bolt back on following the same
steps in reverse order.
mWARNING! Unbalanced blades will cause the electric
lawn mower + mulcher to vibrate violently and may cause an
accident. Please follow proper maintenance procedures or
call the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
customer service center for
assistance at 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563).
Follow the steps below to prepare the electric lawn mower +
mulcher for storage:
Disconnect the power supply to the unit.
Clean the unit with a dry cloth or hand brush.
Inspect the mowing blade and replace/sharpen if it shows
signs of wear. Refer to the maintenance section.
Store the unit indoors in a dry, clean, and cool area out
of the reach of children. Do not store the unit next to
corrosive materials, such as fertilizer and rock salt.
Wipe the extension cord to remove any foreign
substances, such as oil or stains. Replace the extension
cord immediately if it is cut or damaged in any way.
Wind the cord in a series of equal loops to prevent it
from tangling.
Do not cover the electric lawn mower + mulcher with a
solid plastic sheet. Plastic coverings trap moisture around
the unit, which can corrode the unit.
The handle can be completely folded for compact storage
of your electric lawn mower + mulcher. Start by loosening
the handle knobs on each side of the upper handle and
fold down the upper handle (Fig. 14).
Next, loosen the handle knobs on each side of the lower
handle. Pull outwards on each side of the lower handle
and lift the sides of the lower handle past the edges of the
handle mounting brackets. Fold the lower handle forward,
making sure not to bend or kink the power cord (Fig. 14).
Fig. 13