Replacement Part List

Power Connection
1. Push a loop of the extension cord through the slot on the
extension cord restraint hook from the opposite side of
the restraint hook (Fig. 7). Insert the appliance cord into a
proper outdoor extension cord (see Extension Cord Chart
on page 2).
2. Secure the appliance cord to the extension cord as shown
in Table 1 (page 2).
Starting + Stopping
IMPORTANT: Do not start the unit in tall grass.
1. To start the electric lawn mower + mulcher, press and hold
the safety lock button while pulling the switch bar lever
toward you. Once the machine powers on, release the
safety lock button and proceed with operation (Fig. 8).
2. To stop the electric lawn mower + mulcher, release the
switch bar lever (Fig. 8).
NOTE: While mowing, rest the extension cord safely on
footpaths and on previously mowed areas.
mWARNING! When the motor has been switched o, the
cutter will continue to run for several seconds. Do not touch
the underside of the mower until the cutter has come to a
complete standstill.
Grass Collection Bag
1. If the grass collection bag is empty or is not completely
full with grass, the grass indicator window will remain
open (due to the ow of air) or will utter open and close
as the grass accumulates in the bag (Fig. 9).
2. When the collection bag reaches its maximum capacity,
the grass indicator window will remain closed (due to the
restricted air ow). This signals that it is time to empty
the bag.
Setting the Cutting Height
This electric lawn mower + mulcher is equipped with a
7-position height adjustment lever to tailor grass cutting
heights from 0.98 in. (25 mm) to 2.87 in. (73 mm). To change
the cutting height of the grass, set the lever to the desired
position (Fig. 10).
1. Push the cutting height adjustment lever to the outside of
the chassis (Fig. 10).
2. Insert the lever into the desired slot.
Fig. 7
Extension cord restraint hook
Fig. 8
Switch bar
Safety lock
Grass indicator window
Fig. 9
(62 mm)
4 mm
(37 mm)
(29 mm)
(20 mm)
Cutting height
adjustment lever
Fig. 10