Instructions / Assembly

During the vacuuming process, certain objects such as cloth,
rope or large diameter sticks may obstruct the fan and block
the motor. A thermal protection device, which is built into the
blower vac, will cut o the electricity to the motor to prevent
damage from overheating.
In the event an obstruction occurs and power is curtailed:
1. Slide the ON/OFF switch down to the OFF (O) position
until the unit comes to a complete stop.
2. Unplug the unit.
3. Remove the blower tube or vacuum/mulcher tubes and
the bag.
4. Using protective gloves, carefully remove the material
blocking the tube or impeller. Inspect the blades to ensure
no damage has occurred. Rotate the impeller blades by
hand to ensure the blockage is completely cleared.
5. Reinstall the blower tube or vacuum/mulcher tubes and
the bag.
6. Wait 3 minutes for the motor to cool.
7. Plug the unit back into the power supply and turn the ON/
OFF switch to ON (I). The blower vac will resume normal
To order genuine replacement parts or accessories for the
Sun Joe
Blower Joe SBJ603E electric blower/vacuum/
mulcher, please visit or contact the Snow Joe
Sun Joe
customer service center at 1-866-SNOWJOE
mWARNING! Disconnect the extension cord before
performing any maintenance task.
If the extension cord is plugged into the appliance, someone
could accidentally turn on the unit while you are performing
maintenance on it, which could result in serious personal
Cleaning the Unit
mWARNING! To avoid serious personal injury, always
turn the unit o and unplug it before cleaning or servicing.
Use a small brush to clean the outside of the unit. Do not use
strong detergents, household cleaners that contain aromatic
oils (e.g. pine and lemon) or harsh solvents such as kerosene
as these substances can damage the plastic housing or the
handles. Wipe o any moisture with a soft, dry cloth.
1. Empty the bag after each use to avoid deterioration and
obstructing air ow, which will reduce the performance of
the mulcher.
2. Wear eye protection and a dust mask. Clean the bag as
needed. Turn the bag inside out after initial emptying and
vigorously shake out dust and debris.
3. Wash the bag once a year, or more often if needed. Follow
the steps below:
i. Remove the bag.
ii. Turn the bag inside out.
iii. Hang it up.
iv. Hose it down thoroughly.
v. Leave it hanging to dry.
vi. Turn the bag right-side up and reinstall.
1. Examine the electric blower/vacuum/mulcher thoroughly
for worn, loose or damaged parts. Should you need to
repair or replace a part, contact an authorized Snow
+ Sun Joe
dealer or call the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
customer service center at 1-866-SNOWJOE
(1-866-766-9563) for assistance.
2. Examine the extension cord thoroughly for signs of excess
wear or damage. If it is worn or damaged, replace it
3. Disconnect the extension cord from the electric blower/
vacuum/mulcher before storing.
4. Store the cord with the electric blower/vacuum/mulcher
indoors in a clean, dry and locked location out of the
reach of children and animals.
NOTE: Devices for retaining extension cords are
commercially available should you wish to purchase one.
Service and Support
If your Sun Joe
Blower Joe SBJ603E 3-in-1 electric blower/
vacuum/mulcher requires service or maintenance, please
call the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
customer service center at
1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563).
Model and Serial Numbers
When contacting the company, reordering parts or arranging
service from an authorized dealer, you will need to provide the
model and serial numbers, which can be found on the decal
located on the housing of the unit. Copy these numbers into
the space provided below.
Record the following numbers from the housing or handle of your
new product:
Model #:
Serial #:
S B J 6 0 3 E -