Instructions / Assembly

WARNING! Always unplug the power cord before performing any adjustments, maintenance or repairs to your
electric blower vac.
Unit will not blow
or mulch
Unit will not start
1. Bag full
2. Blocked tube
3. Blocked impeller
4. Dirty bag
5. Torn bag
6. Bag unzipped
7. Unit unplugged
1. Unit is unplugged.
2. Power/speed switch is in the OFF (O) position.
3. Defective power switch.
4. Vac tubes are not correctly installed.
5. Intake gate/cover is not closed.
6. House circuit may have tripped.
1. Empty the bag.
2. Clear the blockage.
3. Clear the blockage.
4. Clean the bag.
5. Replace the bag.
6. Zip up the bag.
7. Plug into an outlet or an extension cord.
1. Check cord to make sure it is plugged into an electrical
2. Slide the power switch to the ON (I) position and
select your desired speed setting with the speed
control switch.
3. Call the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
customer service center
at 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563).
4. Check vac tubes and ensure that they are correctly
installed to allow the switch to be engaged.
5. Ensure that gate/cover is fully closed and locked.
6. Check wall circuit breaker panel and reset if necessary.
Possible Cause