Replacement Part List

13. Maintain the blower vac with care – Keep the blower
tube and the fan area clear and clean for optimal
performance and to reduce the risk of injury. Inspect the
extension cord periodically and immediately replace it
if damaged. Keep the handles dry, clean, and free from
oil and grease. Follow the additional recommendations
described in the maintenance section of this manual.
14. Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection should
be provided on the circuit(s) or outlet(s) that are to be used
for the blower vac. Receptacles are available having built-
in GFCI protection and may be used for this measure of
15. Use the right tool – Do not use the tool for any job except
that for which it is intended.
Double insulation – Double insulation eliminates
the use of the usual three-wire grounded power cords,
thereby providing a measure of safety during the operation
of electric power tools. In a double insulated appliance, all
exposed metal parts are isolated from the internal metal
motor components with protecting insulation. Double
insulation tools do not need to be grounded.
NOTE: The double insulated system is intended to protect
the user from shock resulting from a break in the tool's
internal insulation. Observe all normal safety precautions
to avoid electrical shock.
17. Avoid dangerous environments – Do not use the blower
vac in rain, damp, or wet locations. Do not operate the
blower vac in gaseous or explosive atmospheres or use
the blower vac to pick up ammable or combustible
liquids. Motors in these tools normally spark, and the
sparks might ignite fumes.
18. Stay alert – Watch what you are doing. Use common
sense. Do not operate the blower vac when you are
tired or under the inuence of drugs, alcohol, or other
Additional Safety Instructions
• Use extra care when cleaning on stairs.
• Keep rm footing and maintain good balance at all times.
Do not overreach. Overreaching can result in loss of
• Turn o all controls before unplugging the tool.
• Do not use the tool if the power switch does not turn it ON
or OFF. Any tool that cannot be controlled with the switch is
dangerous and must be repaired.
• Do not use the tool with a damaged plug. If the tool is not
working as it should or has been dropped, damaged, left
outdoors, or dropped into water, return it to an authorized
Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
dealer or contact the Snow Joe
Sun Joe
customer service department at 1-866-SNOWJOE
• Do not pick up anything that is burning or smoking, such as
cigarettes, matches, or hot ashes.
• Do not use without the dust bag and/or lters in place.
• Carefully inspect your appliance prior to use and follow all
label and marking instructions.
• Keep the end of the blower tube away from your face and
• Always unplug this appliance before connecting or
disconnecting the vacuum hose.
• Do not use for wet material.
• Keep all parts of your body away from any moving parts
and all hot surfaces of the unit.
• Do not put any object into the tool's openings. Do not use
the tool with any opening blocked; keep openings free of
dust, lint, hair, or any other object that may reduce air ow.
• Check the work area before each use. Remove all objects
such as rocks, broken glass, nails, wire, or string, which can
be thrown or become entangled in the machine.
• Service on the product must be performed by qualied
repair personnel only. Service or maintenance performed
by unqualied personnel could result in injury to the user or
damage to the product.
• This blower vac is intended for residential use only.
Commercial use of this product is prohibited and will void
the manufacturer's warranty.
• Never run the unit without the proper equipment attached.
Always ensure the blower tubes are properly installed.
Specic Safety Rules
for Blower Vacs
• This tool has been designed for blowing/collecting as well
as vacuuming/shredding dry leaves and other dry garden
rubbish, such as grass and twigs.
• When operating the unit as a blower, never point the blower
nozzle in the direction of people or pets or in the direction
of windows. Use extra caution when blowing debris near
solid objects, such as trees, automobiles, and walls.
• Be sure to secure the unit when transporting it.
• Never douse or squirt the unit with water or any other liquid.
Clean the unit after each use as described in the cleaning
and storage section.
Electrical Safety
1. Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection should
be provided on the circuit(s) or outlet(s) to be used for
this electric blower vac. Receptacles are available having
built-in GFCI protection and may be used for this
measure of safety.
2. Make sure that the mains voltage matches that listed on
the unit's rating label. Using the improper voltage can
damage the motor and injure the user.
3. To prevent electric shock, use only with an extension cord
suitable for outdoor use, such as SW-A, SOW-A, STW-A,