Replacement Part List

Clean up after using leaf blowers and other lawn
equipment. Dispose of debris appropriately.
mWARNING! To avoid serious personal injury, wear
ear defenders, goggles, or safety glasses at all times when
operating this unit. Wear a face mask or dust mask in dusty
mWARNING! To prevent serious personal injury or
damage to the unit, make sure the blower tube or the vacuum/
mulcher tubes and the collection bag are in place before
operating the unit.
Air Vents
Never cover air vents. Keep them free from obstructions
and debris. They must always remain clear for proper motor
mWARNING! To avoid serious personal injury, tie back
long hair and do not wear loose tting clothing or dangling
articles such as scarves, strings, chains, ties, etc. Such items
could get drawn into the air vents.
Blower Mode
Hold the blower rmly with one hand on the main handle
and the other hand on the auxiliary handle. Sweep from
side to side with the nozzle several inches above the
ground or oor (Fig. 17).
Slowly advance the unit, keeping the accumulated pile
of debris in front of you. Most dry blowing operations are
better suited to low speeds rather than high speeds. High
speed blowing is best for moving heavier items like large
debris or gravel.
Vacuum + Mulcher Mode
Once you have blown the debris/leaves into a pile, you
can convert to vacuum/mulcher mode to collect the
With a rm hold on the unit, tilt the vacuum/mulcher tubes
2 – 4 in. (5 – 10 cm) from the ground and use a sweeping
action to collect light debris. The debris will ow into the
bag. Items such as small leaves and twigs will be mulched
as they pass through the fan housing. For longer bag life
and optimal performance, empty the bag frequently
(Fig. 18).
Move easily from one pile of debris to the next by gliding
the vacuum/mulcher along the ground using the wheel
assist assembly.
As the bag lls, suction power will decrease. When this
happens, turn the power switch to the OFF (O) position
and unplug the unit from the power supply. Remove the
bag and empty the debris.
To remove the bag, press the tube release button
(Fig. 12). To empty, hold the plastic handle and grab the
nylon handle on the underside of the bag. Turn the bag
upside down and shake out any debris and leaves.
mWARNING! Never remove the collection bag without
rst turning the power switch to the OFF (O) position and
unplugging the unit from the main power source.
mWARNING! Do not use in vacuum/mulcher mode
without the vacuum/mulcher tubes and collection bag in place.
Clearing a Blocked Tube/Impeller
mWARNING! To avoid serious personal injury, be sure
the unit is OFF and unplugged before clearing the impeller.
mWARNING! To avoid serious personal injury, always
wear gloves to protect yourself from the impeller blades or
other sharp objects.
During the vacuuming/mulching process, certain objects such
as cloth, rope, or large diameter sticks may obstruct the fan
and block the motor. A thermal protection device, which is
built into the blower vac, will cut o the electricity to the motor
to prevent damage from overheating.
In the event an obstruction occurs and power is curtailed:
1. Slide the ON/OFF switch to the OFF (O) position until the
unit comes to a complete stop.
2. Unplug the unit.
Fig. 17
Fig. 18