Replacement Part List

Carton Contents
• Electric blower/vacuum/mulcher
• Blower tube
• Blower concentrator nozzle
Front vacuum/mulcher tube
Rear vacuum/mulcher tube
Collection bag
Wheel assembly
Gutter cleaning attachment
• Manual with registration card
1. Carefully remove the electric blower/vacuum/mulcher and
check to see that all of the above items are supplied.
2. Inspect the product carefully to make sure no breakage or
damage occurred during shipping. If you nd damaged or
missing parts, DO NOT return the unit to the store. Please
call the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
customer service center at
1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563).
NOTE: Do not discard the shipping carton and packaging
material until you are ready to use the electric blower/
vacuum/mulcher. The packaging is made of recyclable
materials. Properly dispose of these materials in
accordance with local regulations.
IMPORTANT! The equipment and packaging material are not
toys. Do not let children play with plastic bags, foils, or small
parts. These items can be swallowed and pose a suocation
mWARNING! To avoid serious personal injury, read and
understand all safety instructions provided.
mWARNING! Do not connect to power supply until
assembly is complete. Failure to comply could result in
accidental starting and possible serious personal injury.
mWARNING! Before performing any maintenance, make
sure the tool is unplugged from the power supply. Failure to
heed this warning could result in serious personal injury.
mWARNING! To prevent serious personal injury,
make sure the switch is in the OFF (O) position, the unit is
unplugged, and the impeller has come to a complete stop
before attaching or removing tubes.
Assemble as a Blower
1. Slide the blower tube forward until the notched area on
the blower housing clicks into the slot on the blower tube
(Fig. 1).
2. Insert the concentrator nozzle onto the end of the blower
tube until it locks into position (Fig. 1).
NOTE: The concentrator nozzle is used to increase
air ow in tight areas (i.e around ower beds, under
decks, etc.).
3. Before using the blower function, securely fasten the inlet
cover over the air inlet until the lock button snaps into the
locked position (Fig. 2).
4. To remove the blower tube, turn the ON/OFF power switch
to the OFF (O) position and disconnect the tool from the
power supply.
5. Press the tube release button and remove the blower tube
(Fig. 3).
Fig. 1
Blower tube
Air outlet
Fig. 2
Inlet cover
lock button
Fig. 3
Tube release button
Blower tube
ON/OFF switch