Use And Care Manual

mWARNING! To avoid personal injury, make sure the
handle is locked securely after adjusting the length.
Working Mode Selection
To switch between the working modes, follow the instructions
1. Make sure the unit is switched o and is unplugged.
2. Vacuum mode and Blower mode are indicated on the
mode switch. To select, simply rotate the switch to the
desired mode (Fig. 5).
mWARNING! If vacuum mode is selected, make sure the
collection bag is attached securely.
Starting + Stopping
Do not switch on the blower vac until it has been completely
assembled. Before switching on the unit, always check the
appliance cord and the extension cord for signs of damage.
Use only intact cords.
mWARNING! Damaged cords pose a severe risk of injury.
Replace damaged cords immediately.
mWARNING! Before switching on the blower vac, make
sure that it is not in contact with any foreign objects. Keep your
hands and feet a safe distance away from the bottom opening.
Failure to comply with these warnings can result in severe
personal injury.
1. Push a loop of the extension cord through the slot on the
extension cord restraint holder from the opposite side and
loop it around the extension cord restraint holder. Connect
the appliance cord and the extension cord (Fig. 6).
2. To start the unit, press the ON/OFF switch (Fig. 7), as
3. To stop the unit, press down (O) on the ON/OFF switch, as
indicated (Fig, 7).
Operating Tips
This electric blower vac is designed to clean hard surfaces
as paved paths, courtyards and terraces. It is only suitable
for vacuuming or blowing dry, light materials such as grass,
leaves, small twigs and pieces of paper. The vacuuming of
heavy materials such as metal, stones, branches, broken glass,
and wet leaves is expressly excluded.
mWARNING! Use the blower vac only in daylight or good
articial light.
Wear personal protective equipment during your work
session. This includes boots, safety glasses/goggles, ear
defenders, long pants and a long-sleeve shirt.
Make sure the collection bag is properly installed and
zipped closed when using vacuum mode.
Fig. 4
Fig. 5
Vacuum mode Blower mode
Fig. 6
Appliance cord
Extension cord
restraint holder
Fig. 7
ON (I)