Use and Care Manual

2. The rod axle can be placed into 2 dierent operating
heights: low and high (Fig. 8).
2-Position Height Adjustment:
a) Low: 0.67 in. (17 mm)
b) High: 1.26 in. (32 mm)
3. Move the rod axle to the desired operating height on both
sides by pulling back on the rod axle and setting it to the
desired position. Make sure the axle is at the same height
position on both sides.
4. Place the blower vac upright and resume working.
Operating Tips
This electric blower vac is designed to clean hard surfaces
as paved paths, courtyards and terraces. It is only suitable
for vacuuming or blowing dry, light materials such as grass,
leaves, small twigs and pieces of paper. The vacuuming of
heavy materials such as metal, stones, branches, broken glass,
and wet leaves is expressly excluded.
mWARNING! Use the blower vac only in daylight or good
articial light.
Wear personal protective equipment during your work
session. This includes boots, safety glasses/goggles, ear
defenders, long pants and a long-sleeve shirt.
Make sure the collection bag is properly installed and
zipped closed when using vacuum mode.
To reduce the risk of hearing loss associated with sound
level(s), hearing protection is required.
Before starting, make sure the handle is securely set into
working mode.
Always direct the extension cord backwards, away from
the unit.
Operate power equipment only at reasonable hours—not
early in the morning or late at night when people might be
disturbed. Comply with times listed in local ordinances.
Usual recommendations are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday
through Saturday.
Be extremely careful when working on slopes.
Always move forward by walking. Never run.
To reduce noise levels, limit the number of pieces of
power equipment used at any one time and operate power
blowers at the lowest possible speed setting necessary to
do the job.
Clean up after using blowers and other lawn equipment.
Dispose of debris appropriately.
mWARNING! To avoid serious personal injury, wear
ear defenders, goggles or safety glasses at all times when
operating this unit. Wear a face mask or dust mask in dusty
Air Vents
Never cover air vents. Keep them free from obstructions
and debris. They must always remain clear for proper motor
cooling (Fig. 9).
mWARNING! To avoid serious personal injury, do not
wear loose tting clothing or articles such as scarves, strings,
chains, ties, etc., that could get drawn into the air vents. To
make sure long hair does not get drawn into the air vents, tie
back long hair.
Blower Mode
Always stand behind the unit. Hold the unit rmly with one
hand on the soft grip. Slowly advance the unit by making
sweeping movements, keeping the accumulated pile of
debris in front of you (Fig. 10).
Blow debris into a safe, open area away from children,
Fig. 8
Low setting
High setting
Fig. 9
Air vent
Fig. 10