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, LLC Model SJ620/SJ621 Form No. SJ-SJ620/SJ621-880E-MR7
18-INCH | 13.5-AMP
Safety Instructions
All Operators Must Read These
Instructions Before Use
Any electrical appliance can be dangerous if used incorrectly.
Some of the safety precautions given in this manual apply
generally to many appliances. Other warnings are specic
to the use of this snow thrower. Keep this manual for future
General Safety WARNINGS!
You and any other operator of this snow thrower must read,
understand and follow these instructions in their entirety, and
should reread them at the start of each snow season. Failure
to follow these instructions may result in ELECTRIC SHOCK,
FIRE and/or serious PERSONAL INJURY.
Notice the personal safety alert symbol
m used in this
manual to draw your attention to a WARNING given along
with the particular operating instruction. This means that
the operation requires special ATTENTION, CAUTION and
Work area safety
1. Keep work area clean and well lit. Cluttered, dark areas
invite accidents.
2. Do not operate the snow thrower in an explosive
atmosphere, such as in the presence of ammable
liquids, gases or dust. Electrical appliances create sparks
that may ignite the dust or fumes.
3. Keep children, pets and bystanders away from the
work area. Be aware that the normal noise of the
machine when turned on may make it dicult for you to
hear approaching people. Spectators should wear safety
glasses and be kept a safe distance away from the work
area. Do not let spectators touch the snow thrower or the
extension cord.
Electrical Safety
1. Electrical plugs must match the outlet. Never modify
the plug in any way. Do not use any adapter plugs with
grounded appliances. Unmodied plugs and matching
outlets will reduce the risk of electric shock.
2. Avoid body contact with earthed or grounded surfaces
(i.e. upper and lower water pipes, radiators, ranges,
refrigerators, microwave ovens and outer frames of
heating equipment). Take necessary precautions to avoid
electric shock. There is an increased risk of electric shock
if your body is earthed or grounded.
3. Do not abuse the cord. Keep cord away from heat,
oil, sharp edges or moving parts. Never carry the snow
thrower by its cord or yank the cord to disconnect it from
the electrical outlet. Damaged or entangled cords increase
the risk of electric shock.
4. Replace or properly repair damaged cords. If the cord
becomes damaged in any manner while plugged into the
wall receptacle, immediately pull the extension cord plug
from the receptacle.
5. Contact with water while operating the snow thrower
can result in electric shock and serious bodily injury.
Do not use the snow thrower in damp or wet locations or
expose to rain. Do not handle the plug or the appliance
with wet hands or while standing in water.
mWARNING – Only use a UL-rated extension cord for
OUTDOOR, all-weather use. To prevent the extension
cord from disconnecting during operation, refer to Fig. 12
(p. 8).
7. Turnothepowerswitchanddisconnectthepower
cable before making any adjustments to the unit and
before inspecting, servicing, changing accessories
or cleaning the snow thrower. Follow the same
procedure if any other dangerous conditions present
during operation. Any adjustments to the unit should be
performed after revolving parts inside the snow thrower
stop completely. Such preventative safety measures
reduce the risk of starting the power tool accidentally.
8. Ifyoundthemainpowercableortheextensioncable
damaged, please pull out the plug from the socket and
disconnect the power immediately. Repair the cable or
replace it if necessary.
9. When replacing any parts, you must strictly observe
the instructions and procedures described in this
operator's manual. Special care should be paid to any
rubber parts, since these parts may increase the engine
load and decrease its mechanical power if damaged.
10. Do not move or transport the snow thrower when the
plug is connected to the power socket and the switch
is turned on.
11. If, during use, you notice that the unit runs unstably
or hear abnormal sounds from the engine, stop the
machine, disconnect the power immediately and
contact an authorized Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe

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