User Manual

Replacing the Scraper Bar
1. The scraper bar is located at the base of the snow thrower
beneath the rotor housing (Fig. 24).
2. Detach the worn scraper bar from the snow thrower by
removing the two screws that hold it in place (Fig. 25).
3. Install the new scraper bar and fasten it securely to the
snow thrower with the two screws (Fig. 26).
Replacing the Belt + Pulley
NOTE: Determine the left and right hand side of the snow
thrower by standing behind the unit in the normal operating
1. Remove the screws from the left panel of the snow
thrower and remove the left panel (Fig. 27).
2. Lift the belt tension pulley and roll the worn belt up and o
the big pulley from the top of the big pulley (Fig. 28).
3. To replace the big pulley, remove the screw and washer
from the middle of the pulley. While securing the auger
so it does not spin, use a 7/8-inch socket to turn the
outer nut of the pulley clockwise (the pulley is left-handed,
so loosening and tightening occur in reverse orientation;
clockwise to loosen and counterclockwise to tighten).
Once the old pulley is removed, replace the big pulley
and tighten the outer nut counterclockwise with the
7/8-inch socket. Replace and tighten the screw and
washer (Fig. 28).
NOTE: Heavy wet snow puts a load on belts, thus
requiring more freqent belt replacement.
4. To install the new belt, lift the belt tension and roll the
new belt onto the little pulley at an angle. Then roll the
belt onto the top of big pulley by rotating the big pulley
counterclockwise as the belt grips the top of the big pulley
(Fig. 29).
Fig. 24
Fig. 25
Fig. 26
Fig. 27
Fig. 28
Big pulley
Belt tension