User Manual

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Model SJFP35-STN
Form No. SJ-SJFP35-STN-880E-M
Safety Instructions
All Operators Must Read These
Instructions Before Use
Read all the instructions contained in this manual. Keep this
manual in a safe place, so that the information is available at
all times. If you give this equipment to another person, make
sure to provide these operating instructions. Basic safety
precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of
re or explosion, which could cause property damage,
personal injury or death.
Notice the personal safety alert symbol
m used in this
manual to draw your attention to a WARNING given along
with the particular operating instruction. This means that
the operation requires special ATTENTION, CAUTION and
(outside any enclosure)
1. Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or
maintenance may result in property damage, injury or
2. Throughly read the instructions for installation, operation
and maintenance before installing or servicing this
3. Failure to follow these instructions could result in a re or
explosion, which could cause property damage, personal
injury or death.
1. This item is for outdoor use only, and should NEVER be
used in a building, garage or any other enclosed area.
2. DO NOT use this re pit for indoor heating. TOXIC carbon
monoxide fumes can accumulate and cause asphyxiation
or death.
3. This re pit is NOT for commercial use.
4. This re pit is NOT to be operated by children.
5. This re pit is NOT to be used in or on boats or
recreational vehicles.
6. Always use this equipment in accordance with all
applicable local, state and national regulations. Contact
your local re department for details on outdoor burning.
7. When using this re pit, exercise the same precautions as
you would with any open re.
8. The use of alcohol, prescription or non-prescription drugs
may impair the consumer’s ability to properly assemble or
safely operate this re pit.
9. DO NOT use this re pit without reading this entire
manual and all WARNINGS, cautions and instructions.
10. This re pit is designed for use with dry, seasoned
hardwood. Such wood will burn hotter, burn more
completely and create less smoke.
11. DO NOT burn charcoal briquettes, lump charcoal,
manufactured logs, driftwood, trash, leaves, papers,
cardboard, plywood, or painted, stained or
pressure-treated wood. Avoid using softwoods such as
pine or cedar that can throw sparks.
12. DO NOT alter this re pit in any manner.
13. DO NOT use this re pit until it is COMPLETELY
assembled and all parts are securely fastened and
14. DO NOT store or use gasoline or other ammable vapors
or liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.
15. DO NOT store or use an LP gas cylinder within 10 feet
(3.05 m) of this re pit while it is in operation.
16. DO NOT use this re pit near automobiles, trucks, vans or
recreational vehicles.
17. DO NOT use in an explosive atmosphere. Keep outdoor
area clean and free from combustible materials, gasoline
and other ammable liquids.
18. DO NOT use this re pit under an overhead or near any
unprotected combustible constructions. Avoid using near
or under overhanging trees and shrubs.
19. Always use this re pit on a hard level non-combustible
surface such as concrete, rock or stone. An asphalt or
blacktop surface may not be acceptable for this purpose.
DO NOT use on wooden decks.
20. Always empty this re pit before each use.
21. DO NOT wear ammable or loose clothing when operating
this re pit.

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