Use and Care Manual

mWARNING! In case of emergency, tug the quick-release
latch on the shoulder strap. The machine will be released from
the strap (Fig. 4).
Connecting to Power Supply
This product is designed with a cord restraint hook that
prevents the extension cord from disconnecting during
1. Only connect the electric pole hedge trimmer to a working
120 V outlet using a heavy-duty outdoor extension power
2. Make a loop in the extension cord and push it up through
the hole in the handle and around the cord restraint hook,
then connect the extension cord to the appliance cord
(Fig. 5).
mWARNING! Always wear safety goggles or safety
glasses with side shields when operating power tools. Failure
to do so could result in objects being thrown into your eyes,
resulting in possible serious injury.
mWARNING! Do not use any attachments or accessories
not recommended by the manufacturer of this product. The
use of attachments or accessories not recommended can
result in serious personal injury.
Starting + Stopping
mWARNING! Ensure the blade does not touch any
objects before turning on the pole hedge trimmer.
1. To turn the tool ON, push and hold the safety lock button
(located on the rear handle) with your thumb and then
squeeze the trigger switch with your ngers. Once the tool
is running, you can release the safety lock button (Fig. 6).
2. To turn the tool OFF, release the trigger switch (Fig. 6).
NOTE: Do not press the trigger switch until you are ready
to make a cut.
Fig. 3
Carabiner hook
Fig. 4
Quick-release latch
Fig. 5
Cord restraint hook
Extension cord
Appliance cord
Fig. 6
Safety lock button
Trigger switch