Installation Guide

Winterizing + long-term storage
If you must store your pressure washer in a location where
the temperature falls below 32ºF (0ºC), you can minimize the
chance of damage to your machine by utilizing the following
Disconnect all water connections.
Turn on the machine for a few seconds until the remaining
water in the pump exits. Turn o immediately.
Do not allow the high-pressure hose to become kinked.
Store the machine and accessories in a room that does
not reach freezing temperatures.
Do not store near a furnace or other sources of heat that
may dry out the pump seals.
Operate the pressure washer with non-corrosive/non-toxic
anti-freeze, a pump saver, or a pump protector before
storing for the winter.
mWARNING! Before reusing, completely ush the unit
out with clear water. Anti-freeze products can damage
paintwork, so you must ensure there is no anti-freeze left in the
system before using it again.
CAUTION! Before working on the pressure washer,
disconnect the plug from the power supply socket.
1. To ensure good performance, check and clean the water
inlet lter (Fig. 15). Remove the pre-lter and water inlet
lter and rinse with warm water to prevent any foreign
matter from clogging the pump (Figs. 16 – 17).
2. Clean the nozzle with the needle clean-out tool provided
(Fig. 18). Remove the spray wand from the gun; remove
any dirt from the nozzle hole and rinse.
Fig. 15
Garden hose adapter
Fig. 16
Fig. 17
Fig. 18
Needle clean-out tool