User Manual

Product Description
This high-pressure electric power washer is intended for
residential use only. It is designed for light-to-medium duty
cleaning jobs on boats, motorcycles, RV’s, ATV’s, trailers,
decks, barbecues, siding, patio furniture, and more.
Areas of application
Never use the machine in potentially explosive areas under
any circumstances!
The operating temperature must be between 32ºF (0ºC) and
104ºF (40ºC).
The machine consists of an assembly with a pump, which
is encased in a shock-absorbing housing. To provide the
operator with an optimal working position, the machine is
equipped with a spray wand and a non-slip handle grip,
whose shape and conguration comply with applicable
Do not cover or modify the spray wand or the spray nozzle
in any way.
The high-pressure electric power washer is designed to be
used with cold or lukewarm water; higher temperatures can
damage the pump.
Do not use water that is dirty, gritty, or contains any
chemical products, as such impurities could impair
operation and shorten the life of the machine.