Use and Care Manual

Keep all connections dry and off the ground.
Do not touch plug with wet hands.
Keep cord away from heat and sharp edges.
Do not spray electrical apparatus and wiring.
Risk of explosion
Do not spray ammable liquids.
Do not use acids, bases, solvents, or any ammable
material in this product. These substances can cause
physical injuries to the operator and irreversible damage to
the machine.
Additional safety instructions
High pressure: keep clear of nozzle.
Injection hazard: equipment can cause serious injury if the
spray penetrates the skin.
Do not point the gun at anyone or at any part of the body.
In case of skin penetration, seek medical aid immediately.
Before servicing, cleaning or removing any parts, shut off
the power and relieve pressure.
This machine is not suitable for connection to the potable
water mains.
Product Description
The high pressure cleaner is intended for residential use to
clean vehicles, machines, buildings, facades, etc.
Areas of application
Never use the machine in potentially explosive areas under
any circumstances!
The operating temperature must be between 32ºF (0ºC) and
104ºF (+40ºC).
The machine consists of an assembly with a pump, which
is encased in a shock-absorbing housing. To provide the
operator with an optimal working position, the machine is
equipped with a spray wand and a non-slip handle grip,
whose shape and conguration comply with applicable
Do not cover or modify the spray wand or the spray nozzles
in any way.
The high pressure washer is designed to be used with cold
or lukewarm water; higher temperatures can damage the
Do not use water that is dirty, gritty or contains any
chemical products, as these could impair operation and
shorten the life of the machine.
Safety Symbols
The following table depicts and describes safety symbols that
may appear on this product. Read, understand, and follow all
instructions on the machine before attempting to assemble
and operate.
Symbol Description
SAFETY ALERT – indicates
a precaution, a warning or
a danger.
MANUAL(S) Read, understand
and follow all instructions in the
manual(s) before attempting to
assemble and operate.
For protection against injury,
wear safety goggles and
ear protection.
To reduce the risk of injury,
user must keep all bystanders
at least 15 m away.
Double insulation.
Electrical shock hazard.
SWITCH OFF! Remove plug
from outlet immediately if the
cord is damaged or cut.
Machine not suitable for
connection to the potable
water mains.
Sound power level is
96 dB(A).
WARNING! Keep out of rain
and away from wet areas.