Use and Care Manual

Working with detergents
When cleaning with the pressure washer, some cleaning tasks
can be solved with water alone, but for most tasks cleaning
with detergent allows for more effective dirt removal.
mWARNING! Use only detergents designed for
Pressure Washers. DO NOT USE household detergents, acids,
alkaline solutions, bleaches, solvents, ammable material,
or industrial grade solutions. These can damage the pump.
Many detergents may require mixing prior to use. Prepare the
cleaning solution as instructed on the solution bottle.
Remove the cap from the detergent bottle.
Gently pull the on-board detergent tanks out of their
storage position and ll with detergent (Fig. 14).
Insert the suction tube with lter into the tank and cap the
tank closed. Push the tanks back into their storage position
on the unit.
Turn the detergent dial to the center (O) (Fig. 15).
Install the soap nozzle (black) on the spray wand (Fig. 16).
mCAUTION! Always test detergent in an inconspicuous
area before use.
Turn on the pressure washer. Pull the trigger to operate the
unit. The liquid detergent will automatically mix with water
and be discharged through the nozzle.
Turn the detergent dial to adjust the suction volume of the
detergent solution (Fig. 15).
Apply detergent from the bottom to the top of the DRY
surface to be cleaned.
NOTE: Wetting the surface rst is not recommended as it
dilutes the detergent and reduces its cleaning ability.
Allow the detergent to remain on the surface for a short
time before rinsing. Do not allow the detergent to dry on the
mCAUTION! Damage may occur to painted surfaces if
the detergent is allowed to dry on the surface. Wash and rinse
a small section at a time. Avoid working on hot surfaces or in
direct sunlight.
When you have nished using the detergent injection
system, remove the detergent suction tube from the
detergent bottle and insert it into 5 L (1 gallon) of fresh
water. Siphon water at low-pressure for one minute so that
all the detergent is ushed through the system. Remove the
detergent bottle and rinse it until it is thoroughly cleaned.
Rinsing with pressure washer
mCAUTION! Failure to follow these cleaning instructions
will cause the injection system to become clogged and
Turn off the pressure washer and shut off the water supply.
Pull the trigger to release water pressure.
Engage the safety lock on the trigger handle by pushing up
on the safety lock until it clicks into the slot (Fig. 12).
Remove the nozzle by placing your hand over the nozzle
while pulling back on the quick-connect collar.
Select the right nozzle for the job (Fig. 16):
i) A 0º straight pencil point nozzle (orange) is a thin
extremely powerful nozzle used to cut heavy deposits
in a small, concentrated area. It is ideal for dissolving
stubborn substances, like tar and grease spots on
concrete or caked mud from equipment. Use this
nozzle to clean hard-to-reach areas including the
facades of 2-story buildings or the undersides of lawn
Fig. 14
Detergent tank
Fig. 15
Detergent selection dial
Fig. 16