Use and Care Guide

4. Align the water inlet on the base unit with the outlet on
the bottom of the bucket, and seat the bucket on the
base unit. Check alignment to ensure a proper seal and
connection (Fig. 4).
5. Flip up the buckles on the base unit and latch to bucket.
Press down on the buckle ends to lock the bucket to the
base unit (Fig. 5).
mWARNING! When the water bucket is xed on the base
unit, do not lift the pressure washer by the handle. Instead, use
the tow handle to pull the pressure washer unit along on its
wheels (Fig. 6).
6. Take the spray wand and align the two tabs with your
trigger gun. Once aligned, push the spray wand rmly into
the trigger gun, twist counter-clockwise to lock into place
(Fig. 7).
Fig. 3
gun holder
Fig. 4
Base unit
Bucket outlet
Water inlet
Fig. 5
Bucket buckle
2. Press the end
1. Flip up
Fig. 6
Fig. 7
Spray wand
Trigger gun