Use and Care Guide

7. Unlock the lock latch by moving it down, and insert the
high pressure hose into the high pressure hose connection
on the end of the trigger gun. Slide the latch back to lock
the hose in place (Figs. 8 – 9).
mWARNING! Keep hose away from sharp objects.
Bursting hoses may cause injury. Examine hoses regularly and
replace if damaged. Do not attempt to mend a damaged hose.
8. Connect the high-pressure hose to the base unit by
inserting the other end into the water outlet. While pushing
rmly in on the hose, twist the outer collar clockwise until
tight to ensure a water-tight connection (Fig. 10).
9. Put the trigger gun with spray wand assembly on the gun
holder. Your pressure washer is ready for use (Fig. 11).
Lock latch
High-pressure hose
Fig. 8
Lock latch
High-pressure hose
Fig. 9
Twist clockwise while
Fig. 10
Water outlet
Fig. 11