Use and Care Manual

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Model SWD2500 Form No. SJ-SWD2500-880E-M
2.5-GAL | 3.5 PEAK HP
Safety Instructions
All Operators Must Read These
Instructions Before Use
Any electrical appliance can be dangerous if used incorrectly.
Some of the safety precautions given in this manual apply
generally to many appliances. Other warnings are specic to
the use of this electric wet/dry vacuum.
Always follow these safety guidelines. Failure to do so may
result in personal injury or property damage.
mWARNING! This unit can be dangerous! Careless or
improper use can cause serious injury.
General Safety
Before using, be sure that everyone using this tool reads
and understands all safety instructions and other information
contained in this manual. Save this manual and review it
frequently prior to using this tool and when instructing
others on the proper operating procedures.
mCAUTION! Wear appropriate hearing protection during
use. After long periods of extended use, the noise generated
from this appliance may cause hearing loss if your ears are
not properly protected.
mWARNING! To reduce the risk of injury, inspect the
lters frequently and replace with recommended replacement
if there are signs of wear or deterioration.
Before using the wet/dry vacuum, take the time to familiarize
yourself with the controls, especially how to stop the wet/dry
vacuum in an emergency. The only individuals who should
use the wet/dry vacuum are those who have a thorough
understanding of the instructions and who know how to
operate the machine. Children should never be allowed access
to the wet/dry vacuum.
Retain this manual for future reference.
1. Keep lters in place – Ensure that the equipment is
assembled correctly and the lters are in the correct
2. Keep bystanders and children away – All bystanders,
including children and pets, should be kept a safe
distance away from the work area.
3. Disconnect tool – Disconnect the wet/dry vacuum from
the power supply when not in use, before servicing, when
transporting, or when changing accessories.
4. Do not use in dangerous environments – Do not use
the wet/dry vacuum in rain, damp or wet locations. Do
not operate the wet/dry vacuum in gaseous or explosive
atmospheres or use the wet/dry vacuum to pick up
ammable or combustible liquids. Motors in these tools
normally spark, and the sparks might ignite fumes.
5. Check for damaged parts – Before using the wet/dry
vacuum, repair or replace any part that is damaged. In
addition, check for alignment of moving parts, binding of
moving parts, breakage of parts, and any other conditions
that may aect the tool's operation.
Inspect the appliance cord periodically. If damage is
found, have it repaired by an authorized service facility.
Extension cords should also be inspected periodically and
immediately replaced if damaged.
6. Avoid unintentional starting – Make sure the switch is o
before plugging in the appliance.
7. Use the right tool – Do not force the tool or any
attachment on the tool to do a job for which they were
not designed.
8. Wear face or dust masks – If operated in dusty
environment, the use of a face or dust mask specially
designed to lter out microscopic particles is
9. Maintain tools with care – Keep tools clean for best
and safest performance. Follow instructions for changing
accessories. If the appliance is not working as it should, or
has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, dropped into
water, please call Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
customer service
center at 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563).
10. Use recommended accessories – Consult the owner’s
manual for recommended accessories. The use of
improper accessories may cause risk of injury.
11. Do not abuse the cord – Never carry the appliance by its
cord or yank it to disconnect it from the receptacle. Keep
the cord away from heat, oil, and sharp edges.
12. Do not force the appliance – It will do the job better and
with less likelihood of a risk of injury if it is used at the rate
for which it was designed.
13. Do not overreach – Keep proper footing and balance
at all times.

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