Use and Care Manual

Guide Bar Maintenance
When the guide bar shows signs of wear, turn it over on the
saw to distribute the wear for maximum bar life. Feathering or
burring of the bar rails is a normal process of bar wear. You
should smooth such faults with a le as soon as they occur.
Replace a bar with any of the following faults:
• wear inside the bar rails permitting the chain to
lay over sideways
• bent guide bar
• cracked or broken rails
• spread rails
Turn the saw over, check the underside of the guide bar, and
make sure that the lubrication holes and chain groove are free
from impurities.
You can purchase replacement parts for your Sun Joe
Saw Joe SWJ803E electric pole chain saw by ordering online
at or, to order by phone, contact Snow Joe
Sun Joe
customer service at 1-866-SNOWJOE
Chain Sprocket
Regularly check the condition of the sprocket and replace it
when wear exceeds 0.5 mm (Fig. 28).
Do not mount a new chain with a worn sprocket or vice-versa.
Troubleshooting Tips
Most diculties are easy to x. Consult the troubleshooting
table for common problems and their solutions. If you continue
to experience problems or need repairs beyond these minor
adjustments, please call 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563)
for assistance.
mWARNING! Always unplug the power cord before
performing any adjustments, maintenance, or repairs to your
pole chain saw.
Troubleshooting Table
Fig. 27
Inspection tool
Depth limiter tooth
Cutting edge
< 0.5 mm
Fig. 28
Problems Corrective Action
The saw
motor fails
to start
Check that you installed the extension cord
properly into the pole saw power cord receptacle
and that you plugged the extension cord into a
live 120 V outlet.
Make sure that you fully depress and hold the
safety lock button before squeezing the ON/OFF
trigger switch.
The chain is too tight; re-tension.
The chain tension is too tight; re-tension.
The chain oil tank is empty; rell.
The lubrication holes are plugged; clean them out.
The chain tension is too tight; re-tension.
The guide bar or chain is damaged; inspect
and replace the damaged part.
The saw
runs, but
the chain
speed is
Bar and
hot and
The saw
runs, but
the chain
is not