Replacement Part List

Before starting the pole chain saw, make sure that the saw
chain is not in contact with any object.
Do not allow the pole chain saw to make contact with
grounded objects such as pipes, fences, and metal posts.
Keep all parts of the body away from the saw chain while
operating the pole chain saw.
Do not force the pole chain saw while cutting. Apply light
pressure. It will perform more eectively and safely if it is
used at the rate for which it was designed.
Use extreme caution when cutting a limb that is under
tension. When wood tension is released, the limb could
spring back and strike the operator, causing severe injury
or death.
Do not carry a plugged-in unit. Carry the pole chain saw
from one place to another with the unit unplugged. During
transport, hold the pole at its balance point (close to the
saw end), with the guide bar and chain facing to the rear.
Do not cut small brush and saplings with the pole chain
saw. Small branches may catch in the chain and be
whipped towards the operator, which could pull the
operator o balance.
mWARNING! Kickback may occur when the nose or tip
of the guide bar touches an object, or when the wood closes in
and pinches the saw chain in the cut.
OBJECT. In some cases, when the tip makes contact with an
object, it may cause a fast reverse reaction, kicking the guide
bar up and back towards the operator. Pinching the saw chain
along the top of the guide bar may also push the guide bar
rapidly back towards the operator. Either of these reactions
may cause you to lose control of the pole chain saw, which
could result in serious personal injury.
Kickback safety devices on this pole chain saw include
a skip chain and a low kickback guide bar. These will
reduce, but not entirely prevent, kickbacks. Follow the
necessary precautions indicated in this operator's manual
to avoid kickbacks.
Always use two hands when operating the pole chain saw,
one hand gripping the trigger and the other hand gripping
the pole. Use a rm grip. Thumbs and ngers must wrap
around the trigger and the pole.
Keep all guards in place on the pole chain saw. Make sure
they are in proper working order.
Do not overreach or extend arms above shoulder height.
Keep solid footing and balance at all times.
Never try cutting through two branches at the same time.
Only cut one at a time.
Do not bury the guide bar nose or try to cut by boring the
guide bar nose into the wood.
Watch for shifting of wood or other forces that may pinch
the chain.
Use extreme caution when re-entering a previous cut.
Use the low-kickback chain and guide bar supplied with
this pole chain saw. Only use genuine Snow Joe
Sun Joe
replacement parts designed specically for use
with this pole chain saw.
Never use a dull or loose chain. Keep the chain sharp with
proper tension.
Pole Chain Saw Trimming Precautions
Never stand directly under the limb you are trimming.
Always position yourself outside the path of falling debris.
Never stand on a ladder or other type of unstable support
while using the pole chain saw.
Keep all handles and grip surfaces clean, dry, and free
from oil and grease.
Always use both hands to operate the pole chain saw.
Keep a rm, steady pressure on the pole chain saw while
cutting, but do not try to cut limbs larger in diameter than
the length of the guide bar.
Keep other people and pets away from the cutting end of
the pole chain saw and at a safe distance away from the
work area.
Do not use the pole chain saw near cable, electric power,
or telephone lines. Maintain a minimum clearance of
50 ft (15 m) from all power lines.