Replacement Part List

Electric Garden Cultivator
Electric Garden Cultivator
A Division of Snow Joe, LLC
Model No. TJ599E
Form No. SJ-TJ599E-880E
© 2013 by Snow Joe, LLC
All rights reserved. Original instructions.
Safety Instructions
All Operators Must Read These
Instructions Before Use
Always follow these safety guidelines. Failure to do so may
result in serious bodily injury or death.
General Safety WARNINGS!
When using the electric cultivator, basic safety precautions
should always be followed to reduce the risk of re, electric
shock, and personal injury, including the following:
m WARNING: When servicing use only identical replacement
parts. To reduce the risk of electric shock, this appliance has
a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other) and will
require the use of a polarized extension cord. The appliance
plug will t into a polarized extension cord only one way. If
the plug does not t fully into the extension cord, reverse the
plug. If the plug still does not t, obtain a correct polarized
extension cord. A polarized extension cord will require the use
of a polarized wall outlet. This plug will t into the polarized
wall outlet only one way. If the plug does not t fully into
the wall outlet, reverse the plug. If the plug still does not t,
contact a qualied electrician to install the proper wall outlet.
Do not change the equipment plug, extension cord receptacle,
or extension cord plug in any way. Before using the cultivator,
take the time to familiarize yourself with the controls, especially
how to stop the cultivator in an emergency. Only allow
responsible individuals who have a thorough understanding
of these instructions to operate the cultivator. Never allow
children to operate the cultivator. Retain this manual for future
reference and reread it at the start of each cultivating session.
This symbol indicates important safety instructions.
Failure to observe and follow these instructions may result
in personal injury or property damage. Read and follow all
instructions in this manual before attempting to operate this
1. Read, understand and follow all instructions on the
cultivator and in the manual (s) before attempting to
assemble and operate. Save this manual for reference
and ordering replacement parts.
2. Never allow children under 16 years old to operate this
machine. Children 16 years old and over should be
trained and supervised by an adult who understands the
operation of the cultivator.
3. Never allow an untrained individual to operate the
4. Understand the function of all the controls and their
proper operation. Know how to stop the machine and
disengage them quickly.
5. Always plan your cultivating pattern to avoid discharge
of material toward people, pets and property. Thrown
objects can cause serious personal injury.
6. Keep people, pets and property at least 25 feet from the
cultivator while it is in operation. Stop the cultivator if
people or pets enter the discharge area.
7. Always observe the surface conditions in order to avoid
slipping, falling and unexpected objects.
1. Always inspect the area where the cultivator is to be
used. Remove all objects (e.g., stones, sticks, wires and
foreign objects) that could be thrown by the tines or
cause the operator to trip.
2. Thrown objects can cause serious injury to the eyes and
exposed body. Always wear safety glasses or eye shields
during operation and while performing an adjustment or
3. Always operate cultivator wearing adequate garments.
Do not wear jewelry or other loose clothing, which could
become entangled in moving parts. Wear footwear that
provides sure footing.
4. Observe any noise-prevention regulations and laws.
5. Inspect the cultivator for worn, missing or damaged parts
and safety labels. See maintenance section for detailed
1. Always use a grounded three-wire extension cord and
receptacle that is made of rubber and intended for
outdoor use.

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