Replacement Part List

5. You should only use the tines produced by our company.
Note: Before using this cultivator, make sure that the power
source you will use complies with the specications detailed in
this manual.
This machine is intended for breaking up and cultivating
coarse soil for the purpose of mixing in fertilizer, peat
and compost in domestic areas. Any use other than that
specically named in this manual may lead to damage to the
tool and represents a serious injury hazard for the operator.
The operator or user of the tool is responsible for any damage
or injury caused to other persons or property. Adults should
only operate the machine. Children and persons unfamiliar
with the manual must not be allowed to use the tool. Do not
use the tool in rain or damp surroundings. The manufacturer
shall not be held liable for damage arising from improper use
or incorrect operation of the cultivator.
Keep hands away from blades.
Disconnect the power cord and wait for blades to come
to a complete stop before making any adjustments,
cleaning or removing debris from blades. NEVER try
to remove an obstruction from the blades while the
cultivator is plugged in.
Be sure all adjustments knobs, screws or levers are tight
and secure before use.
Be aware of extension cord while operating the cultivator.
Be careful not to trip over cord. Keep cord away from tines
at all times.
Powering ON and OFF
To switch on the power, using your thumb push in the
safety push button and with middle ngers squeeze
trigger. You can now release thumb pressure and push
button will stay depressed until you release the trigger.
To switch OFF, release the trigger.
Check the area to be tilled or cultivated. Look for any
hazards and obstructions that could contribute to unsafe
Remove all rocks, debris, and other materials that could
become jammed in the tines.
If unit stops beacuse of a stone or rock that is jammed
you must unplug the unit and remove the blockage.
Do not till or cultivate in areas where there may be hidden
hazards, such as sprinkler heads and pipes, buried power
cables or gas lines or other similar hazards.
Do not operate cultivator on a slope that is too steep for
safe operation.
Make sure your footing is rm. Keep feet apart. Divide your
weight evenly on both feet.
Operating the Electric Cultivator
Note: Use the cultivator for breaking sod, preparing seed
beds, and for cultivating gardens and ower beds.The unit can
also dig small holes for planting sapling or potted plants.
Guide the cultivator using light pressure. Do not force tool.
It will do the job better and safer at the rate for which it was
Fig. 10
Carelessness, mishandling or error on the part of the
operator may result in bodily injury (e.g.: amputation,
projectile impact), or death. The tiller mus t be operated
according to the warnings and guidelines in this manual.
Rotating tines may cause serious injury. The tines will
continue to turn for a few seconds after the tool has
been switched OFF. Do not touch the rotating tines.
Contact with hot components (i.e.: motor housing,
gear box) on the machine may cause burns. Allow the
machine to cool off before handling.