Replacement Part List

1. Walk the electric cultivator through the soil at a normal
pace and in as straight a line as possible. Move the unit
slowly forward and back in a rocking motion, rst pulling it
backward then letting it “crawl” forward a little. Repeat this
motion to till deeper into soil.
2. Always till away from the electrical outlet. Ensure the
extension cord is kept away from the work area.
3. Do not try to till to deeply or force the unit into soil that is
extremely hard or resistant.
Note: Overloading the machine will cause it to shut
down. If this occurs the machine will not operate until
the motor has completely cooled down. This is normal
and will reset itself.
4. Always maintain a rm grip on the electric cultivator.
5. Lift the electric cultivator over hard surfaces. Do not lift or
drag the electric cultivator when the motor is running.
Cleaning, Maintenance and
Wear protective gloves when cleaning or maintaining the
Do not use cleaning uids or solvents or spray the
machine down with water (especially water under
pressure) when cleaning the machine.
Note: After each use, follow these steps when cleaning the
1. Remove soil, dirt and foliage stuck in the tines,
driveshaft, tool surface and vents with a brush or dry
2. Spray or rub biodegradable oil into the tines.
3. Clean soiled grips with a damp cloth.
Always inspect the machine for damaged and worn parts after
each use. Check that safety features (labels, guards) are in
place. Check that nuts, bolts and screws are tight.
Service and Support
If your Aardvark Electric Garden Cultivator TJ599E requires
service or maintenance, please call 1-866-766-9563 for
Model and Serial Numbers
When contacting the company or reordering parts, you will
need to provide the model and serial numbers of your product.
These are found on the decal afxed to the housing or guard
of your cultivator. Copy these numbers into the space provided
Unexpected tines movement may cause personal injury.
Before servicing, repairing or inspecting the unit, turn
the motor OFF and disconnect the extension cord.
Wait for the tines to completely stop rotating before
conducting inspection, cleaning or maintenance.
Contact with hot components (i.e.: motor housing,
gear box) on the machine may cause burns. Allow the
machine to cool off before handling.
Record the following numbers from the housing or handle of your
new product:
T J 5 9 9 E
Model #:
Serial #: