Replacement Part List

Recycling + Disposal
The product comes in a package that protects it against
damage during shipping. Keep the package until you are
sure that all parts have been delivered and the product is
functioning properly. Recycle the package afterwards or keep
it for long-term storage.
WEEE symbol. Waste electrical products should not
be disposed of with household waste. Please recycle
where facilities exist. Check with your local authority
or local store for recycling regulations.
Service + Support
If your Sun Joe
Tiller Joe TJ603E electric tiller + cultivator
requires service or maintenance, please call the Snow Joe
Sun Joe
customer service center at 1-866-SNOWJOE
Model + Serial Numbers
When contacting the company, reordering parts, or arranging
service from an authorized dealer, you will need to provide the
model and serial numbers, which can be found on the decal
located on the housing of the unit. Copy these numbers into
the space provided below.
Record the following numbers from the housing or handle of your
new product:
T J 6 0 3 E
Model #:
Serial #:
mWARNING! ALWAYS use only authorized Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
replacement parts and accessories. NEVER use
replacement parts or accessories that are not intended for use with this electric tiller + cultivator. Contact Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
if you are unsure whether it is safe to use a particular replacement part or accessory with your electric tiller + cultivator. The use
of any other attachment or accessory can be dangerous and could cause injury or mechanical damage.
NOTE: Accessories are subject to change without any obligation on the part of Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
to provide notice of such
changes. Accessories can be ordered online at or via phone by contacting the Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
service center at 1-866-SNOWJOE (1-866-766-9563).
Snow Joe
+ Sun Joe
Power Joe SJTW-A
14-gauge 50-foot extension cord with
lighted end
ModelAccessories Item