Use and Care Manual

Safe and effective use can only be achieved if the equipment is assembled, maintained
and used properly. It is your responsibility to ensure that the equipment is maintained
regularly. Any components found to be worn and/or damaged should be replaced before
continuing use of the equipment. Equipment should only be used and stored indoors,
prolonged exposure to weathering and changes in temperature and humidity may have a
severe impact on moving parts of the machine.
Daily Maintenance:
-Clean away sweat and moisture after each use.
-Perform inspection of all nuts and bolts associated with moving parts of the equipment
and tighten as required.
-Check the mobility of moving parts and components on the equipment, lubricate if
required. -Clean plastic parts of the equipment using a damp cloth, clean metal parts of
the equipment using a dry cloth. Do not use cleaning products to clean the equipment.
Weekly Maintenance:
-Thoroughly inspect the equipment; nuts, bolts, screws and moving parts such as foot
pedals, saddle, pulleys, etc. Tighten or replace parts as required.
Monthly Maintenance:
-Inspect the frame and inner working components for wear and tear as well as damage.
Perform maintenance or replace parts as required.
Version 1.2