Use and Care Manual

1. Plug the power
cord into an outlet with appropriate voltage.
2. Turn on the
power switch.
3. Insert the Safety Key.
4. Press the STARTbutton on the console.
Never start the treadmill while you are standing on the running belt. After connecting the power,
there may be a pause after the running belt begins to move. Always stand on the treadmill’s side
plastic non-slip rails until the belt starts moving. Once the treadmill is in motion, you may step onto
the belt.
We recommend that you maintain a slow speed at the beginning and hold the handrails until you
become familiar with the treadmill.
2. I
nsert the magnet end of the Safety Key (No. 26) into the computer console and
attach the opposite end (containing the safety clip on it) to your clothing before starting your
workout. To end your workout, press the STOP button or remove the Safety Key (No. 26) and the
treadmill will stop immediately.
Removing the Safety Key (No. 26) from the computer console while the treadmill is running will
cause it to stop immediately.
Operating Instructions