Use and Care Manual

Please make sure the treadmill's power plug is unplugged before cleaning the treadmill.
Keep the treadmill clean by dusting it regularly. Be sure to clean the exposed parts on both sides
of the running belt. This can reduce the dust underneath. Make sure your shoes are clean to avoid
any foreign material damaging the running belt and running board. The top of the belt needs to be
cleaned with a wet, soapy cloth. Be careful and keep all liquids away from the electrical
components and underneath the running belt.
Remember to unplug the treadmill from the electrical outlet before removing the motor
cover. Remove the motor cover and vacuum underneath at least once a year.
Lubricating the Treadmill
This treadmill's running belt and board are already pre-lubricated. The belt/board friction may play
a major role in the function and life of your treadmill, thus requiring periodic lubrication. We
recommend a periodic inspection of the running board. If the running board is worn, please
contact our client service center.
We suggest you buy lubricant from local distributors or contact our company directly.
Maintenance Instructions