Use and Care Manual

This treadmill does come pre-lubricated, but it is recommended to lubricate your treadmill before the
first use.
Lubricating the Running Board (No. 21) and Running Belt (No. 22) is essential as the friction
between the two affects the life span and function of the treadmill. It is suggested that the Running
Board (No. 21) and Running Belt (No. 22) be inspected regularly. Should you find any wear on the
Running Board (No. 21), please contact us
Always unplug the treadmill from the electrical outlet before cleaning, lubricating, or repairing
the unit.
Raise the Running Belt (No. 22) up on one side and apply lubricant to the Running Board (No.
21). Use a rag to thoroughly wipe the lubricant over the Running Board (No. 21). Repeat this
process for the other side.
The moving parts should turn freely and quietly. Abnormal moving parts will affect the safety of the
equipment. Inspect and tighten bolts regularly.
To better maintain the treadmill and prolong its lifespan, it is suggested that maintenance be done
on a regular basis.
A loose Running Belt (No. 22) will result in the runner sliding off during use, while too tight of a
Running Belt (No. 22) will negatively affect the motor's performance, and also create more friction
between the roller and Running Belt (No. 22). The most suitable tightness for the Running Belt
(No. 22) is pulled out 50-75mm from the Running Board (No. 21).
The following time table is recommended:
Light user (less than 3 hours/week)
Medium user (3-5 hours/week)
Heavy user (more than 5 hours/week)
Version 1.2
every six months
every three months
every two months