| Swann Alpha Range 2010
Alpha C8
Product Code
Excellent image clarity •
See more day & night
Mount to walls or ceilings •
Visible• deterrent
Deter intruders & protect property
See what you need to see •
with 6mm standard lens
Quality aluminum materials •
Robust housing & stand for all weather
65ft 20m
excellent night vision
high video quality
420 TV Lines CCD
easily connects
to your TV & DVR
BNC cable 60ft 18m
weather resistant
robust metal casing
how does a wired camera work?
Infra-red LEDs
for night vision
Stand for
easy mounting
Tilt & swivel
for the best
angle view
Power adapter
connects to any socket
Color video
image sensor
DC plug connects
to power adapter
AV connector plugs
into any TV

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