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Definition Install iw60 EFX data file // issue 1.06 // 15.01.08
The Definition Install iw60 EFX is a multi purpose in wall surround / effects speaker
designed around the unique Tannoy Dual Concentric™ drive unit. The speaker is
conveniently configurable between two modes of operation: ‘Cinema Mode’, where the two
optimally aligned 100mm (4.00”) Dual Concentric™ drivers generate a wide and even flow of
acoustic energy over a large area for a diffuse room filling ambience and the direct radiating
‘Music Mode’, where the 165mm (6.50”) constant directivity Dual Concentric™ driver
produces a more localised and focused sound, highlighting the distinct separation afforded
by modern programme material. In Music mode the direct radiating pattern is auto switched
using a 12V trigger.
Claims are made that having more drivers is better. While multiple drivers are needed to
cover the full frequency spectrum it is a fact that a discrete woofer and tweeter array will
produce a large null at the crossover frequency when you move through the vertical plane.
In a product concept such as the iw60 EFX, using three sets of discrete drivers would cause
this negative acoustic effect to occur three times in a single cabinet; something no amount of
DSP could compensate for. The point source Dual Concentric™ units in the Tannoy iw60
EFX ensure that no such acoustical anomalies occur.
The Dual Concentric™ is effectively two drivers properly merged into one where, unlike
ordinary drive units, the high frequency unit is positioned on the back of the low frequency
driver. As a result they are on same axis, so ensuring that sound energy is effectively
propagated from the same point and delivered through the centre of the low frequency cone
as true point source. Such integration optimises reproduction quality by providing a constant
time delay over the frequency spectrum, exceptional transient performance, wide dispersion
and superior harmonic alignment; all of which delivers to the listening position a natural,
clean and integrated sound with greatly enhanced intelligibility, sound staging and dynamics.
Characteristic of the Dual Concentric™ design is a very wide 'sweet spot' with an
exceptionally even response throughout the listening area, as well as an extraordinary
transient response; reasons enough for this phase accurate Tannoy designed drive unit to
have been the choice of professional studio engineers all over the world for many years.
The heavily braced and comprehensively damped MDF cabinet is supplied with a paintable,
flush mounting grille designed to blend seamlessly into any architectural space. A unique
isolation mounting system optimises low frequency performance by controlling unwanted
resonances within the install structure. A mounting frame is available as an optional
pre-installation accessory to fit into standard construction 2" x 4" stud walls.
The exceptionally versatile, high power handling iw60 EFX is able to extract the full potential
of contemporary multi-channel soundtracks; an in wall surround / effects speaker designed
to reproduce the same bandwidth and sound pressure levels as the main speakers.
Product Description
165mm (6.50”) high sensitivity, point source and
constant directivity Dual Concentric™ drive unit
(music mode)
Two 100mm (6.50”) Dual Concentric™ drive units in
dipole configuration (cinema mode)
Constant time delay over the frequency spectrum
Exceptional transient performance
90 degree conical dispersion (music mode 120
degrees horizontal by 90 degrees (cinema mode)
Superior harmonic alignment
Natural, clean and integrated sound
Enhanced intelligibility, sound staging and dynamics
Recommended amplifier power 100 to
200W @ 8 Ohms
Sensitivity 90dB (1W = 2.83V for 8 Ohms)
Maximum SPL 117dB average
Rugged construction MDFclosed enclosure, internally
braced and finished with textured black paint
Isolation mounting system minimises energy transfer
to the wall material
Optional pre-installation frame available
Media rooms
Home theatre
High end marine interiors

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