T3DSO2000 Data Sheet
Debug with Condence
100 MHz – 300 MHz
Front panel of the four channel series Front panel of the two channel series
Tools for Improved Debugging
Long Capture – 70 Mpts/Ch and 140 Mpts interleaved.
 Capture more time and show more waveform detail.
Math and Measure – 7 basic math functions plus FFT
and 37 automatic measurement parameters.
 Extract results from waveforms and measurements.
Connectivity – USB for mass storage, printing and
PC control, plus LAN for fast data transfer.
Save data for external analysis and screen images
for reports.
Optional Serial Bus Trigger and Decode – I
Debug serial buses directly in your Oscilloscope.
Waveform Sequence Recorder – record and play back
up to 80,000 waveforms.
Replay the changing waveform history.
Optional MSO – 16 Digital Channels
Add mixed signal debugging to your Oscilloscope.
Key Specications
Bandwidth 100 MHz, 200 MHz, 300 MHz
Channels 2 or 4
Memory 70 Mpts/Ch (140 Mpts interleaved)
Sample Rate up to 2 GS/s (Interleaved)
Display 8"BrightTFTLCD(800x480)
Connectivity USB Host, USB Device, LAN

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