How to Install TeleNav
2. Enter
and press the enter key. The
browser will contact the TeleNav
OTA server and the Download
screen will appear.
3. On the Download screen you
will be given the option to
download to your devices
applications folder or your
memory card. Choose
Applications and hit “Yes to
download TeleNav.
5. You will be asked if you want to
accept your TeleNav software into
your applications folder. Choose
1. From the “Home screen, select
4. TeleNav will now be
downloaded to your handset.
Once the download process
completes, you will be given the
option to “Save and open the
application. Choose “Save and
open to run TeleNav.
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TeleNav GPS Navigator Quick Reference Guide
For Cingular Treo 650
6. TeleNav will now be
transferred to your applications
For an online demo, please go to
Questions? Please call 1-866-4CWS-B2B

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