Home Connect Quick Start Guide

Connect your fridge-freezer to
Home Connect now
Selected beneits of
Home Connect:
You can use your app
to control and monitor
your fridge-freezer from
If you have left the door
open, you will receive a
Activate super cooling/
freezing when you are
out shopping to create
the perfect conditions
for your purchases when
you arrive home.
Your QR code | Scan here
Scan here with the Home
Connect app to connect
Download the Home Connect app
and follow the instructions
Do you have questions or want to contact the
Home Connect Service Hotline?
Visit us at www.home-connect.com
App contents are dynamic and may vary depending on the connected appliance and your country. The availability of the Home Connect function depends on the
available Home Connect services in your country. Home Connect services are not available in every country. Apple App Store and the Apple App Store logo are
trademarks of Apple Inc. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.
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Quick Start Guide

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