uring Acclimation & Install
allure PLUS
D Installable Yes
onnection Type Adhesive GripStrip
ree Floating Floor Yes. DO NOT screw or nail moldings, transitions, cabinetry
r vents through ANY allure flooring
cclimation Period 48 hours minimum required in room prior to installation
Temperature Range
5°F to 85°F required in room of installation
fter installation temps should stay between 55F to 85F
nterior Product Only Yes. See limitations/exclusions below
Storage Horizontally
ye Lots Yes. Install from a minimum of 3 to 4 different boxes and dye lots
t one time. See page 3 of Owner's Manual for more information
xpansion Space Yes. For room perimeters and fixed objects please leave
/8" minimum space, 1/4" optimum space
loor Flatness Tolerances 1/4" over 10', Use floor leveler when exceeding tolerance
and Roller Required Yes
75 lb min. Floor Roller Yes
Moisture Reading Guidelines; Based on Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter Plus Meter
OVER CONCRETE (scale 0 to 6%)
Scale 0 to 5% 6 mil poly barrier necessary
Scale 5% to 6% 6 mil poly barrier necessary; over 6% recommend Dricore
Moisture Reading Guidelines; Never use 6 mil poly over wooden subfloors
Scale 0 to 13% OK to install. Do not install above 13% moisture levels
Primer Over Wooden Subfloors No
Basement Proofer over Concrete No
Moisture Barrier (6 mil poly) Yes
Installs Over Radiant Flooring Yes. Electric or hydronic approved — best practice recessed
min 1/2" below finished floor. Do not turn thermostat above 85°F
Suspended Wood Floors Yes. 18" minimum well ventilated crawl space
Use moisture barrier over ground/dirt
Especially for mobile home installations
Foam/Cushioned Underlayment No. Voids warranty if used in any application
Approved Subfloors - See Below Must be smooth, solid, dry and no deflection
Wood Yes. Solid, engineered, parquet
Plywood Yes. OSB & particleboard are approved for allure products only
Luan is approved for all products
Vinyl Yes, install over 1 layer of vinyl only. Linoleum, VCT, LVT, peel & stick
Concrete Yes. Sealed, unsealed, poured in place gypsum
On grade or below grade (see moisture guidelines)
Tile (Stone) Yes. Ceramic, Terrazzo, stone tile
(grout lines of less than 1/4" is optimum)
Dricore Yes
Subfloors Not Approved Carpet (any type), foam underlayment, cushioned back vinyl,
rubber, cork, laminates
Subfloor Approved Products Primer - Henry 336, Basement Proofer - Custom Building Products
RedGard or TM Basement Proofer, Floor Leveler - Henry 554 &
555 Level Pro
Limitations/Exclusions These types of installations will NOT be covered under warranty:
All exterior installations & seasonal porches, boats/campers/RV's,
sunrooms/solariums, non-temperature controlled rooms or homes
Steam Cleaner DO NOT USE
Vertical Surfaces & Staircases Not covered under warranty. Can be done using high quality
construction adhesive. Product not intended for this usage
Limited Warranties Lifetime residential, 6-year light commercial

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