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Tripp Lite
1111 West 35th Street
Chicago, IL 60609 USA
Telephone: +(773) 869 1234
Model #: P516-001
1-ft. VGA/XVGA Monitor Y Splitter Cable (HD15M / 2xHD15F)
Splits the VGA/XVGA signal providing simultaneous display of the same
image on two monitors
HD15 Male splits to 2 HD15 Female
Tripp Lite's 1-ft. VGA/XVGA Monitor "Y" Splitter cable provides an inexpensive alternative for splitting the video signal from your PCs VGA port to two
monitors (up to 800 x 600) that use standard 15-pin plugs. Perfect for laptops to display on a separate, larger monitor. Use for short distance
applications only. For higher resolution monitors, use P516-001-HR. For applications that require longer distances and highest resolution, see Tripp
Lite B114-002-R, powered 2-Port Splitter, or, B114-004-R, powered 4-Port Splitter.
Presentations that require multiple monitors for easier viewing
System Requirements
PC/MAC with 15-pin Female VGA CPU port
Package Includes
1-ft VGA/XVGA Splitter Cable
HD15 Male to 2 x HD15 Female w/Hex Nuts
Molded, double-shielded construction for maximum EMI/RFI protection
Two monitors display the image from one PC
Inexpensive solution for presentations
Intended Application Connecting Peripherals
Cable Type MONITOR
Display Style Splitter

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