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Shipping Related Questions & Answers
Q. What happens if I notice freight damage?
A. It is the customer's responsibility to inspect the freight before accepting it. You must note any
freight damage on the delivery receipt before accepting delivery so a freight claim can be filed. If you
fail to note the damage, it will be your responsibility to file a freight claim on your own.
Q. What if I do not have a way to offload the freight from the truck? Can I break it down on the
truck before offloading it?
A. No. The freight company will not allow you to disassemble the equipment on the back of the truck.
The freight company will have to take the equipment back with them and a redelivery fee will be
charged when you have the proper equipment for offloading.
Q. Who is responsible for unloading the automotive equipment from the freight truck?
A. Customers will be responsible for offloading the equipment from the truck when it arrives. Crated
products less than 6 feet in length can be offloaded by the truck via a lift gate for an additional fee.
Q. What equipment do I need to unload my freight?
A. Automotive lifts and crated product over 6 feet in length will require a forklift or a rollback truck. If
you do not have access to this type of equipment the lift can be picked up at a local shipping dock.
Please contact us for a dock near you.
Q. How will I know when my equipment is arriving so I can make arrangements to unload it?
A. Request a tracking number after your order is placed so you can track your shipment. You can
also request a call 24 hours prior to delivery at the time you place your order.
Example of Package Types
Tire Changers & Wheel
Four Post Lifts
Post Lifts

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