Installation Guide

3. With the shims and anchor bolts in place, tighten by securing the nut to the base then turning 2-3 full
turns clockwise.
STEP 4: (Installing the MOTOR PUMP)
1. Assembly the wheel trolley according to Fig18.
2. Mount the motor pump (power unit) to the wheel trolley using bolts, nuts and washers supplied.(Fig.
Fig. 5 Fig.6
3. Take out the hose from the pad lift. Disconnect the hose fitting from the hose. (Fig. 6)
4. Screw the fitting to the motor pump outlet (Fig. 7). Connect the hose to the fitting. (Fig. 8)
Fig. 7 Fig. 8
5. Remove the vent plug from the power unit and fill the reservoir with hydraulic oil.
STEP 5: (Power connection)
Make the Electrical hookup to the power unit (110V).
STEP 6: ( Checking running)
Do not place any vehicle on the lift at this moment.
Press the start button on the motor pump to raise (Fig. 10).
To lower the lift, first pull the safety lock bar aside (Fig. 11) Then press the release handle on the pump to
lower the lift.
REV A-090413