Use and Care Manual

1. Press the button for selection function display value on LCD.
2. Press the button and hold for 2 seconds to reset all values except
odometer to zero.
Note: When the user replaces batteries, all the values will reset to ZERO
AUTO ON/OFF: When a user starts to exercise, the display will show the workout value
automatically. When the bike becomes inactive for over 256 seconds (4 minutes
and 16 seconds), the display will turn off and the workout value on the odometer
will be saved. While the user starts the exercise again, the workout value on
odometer will accumulate continuously.
AUTO SCAN: After the computer is powered on or the Mode button is pressed, the LCD will
display all function values from TMR-SPD-DIST-CAL-ODO-RPM (repeat). Every
function will display for 6 seconds.
SPD (SPEED): Displays current speed being obtained. The range is from 0.0 to 99.9 MPH (Miles
per Hour).
DST (DISTANCE): Counts total distance of an exercise from start to finish. The range is from 0.00
up to 9999 M (Miles).
TMR (TIME): Counts total time of an exercise from start to finish. The range is from 00:00 up
to 99:59.
CAL (CALORIES): Counts total amount of calories burned during an exercise from start to finish.
The range is from 0.0 to 9999 KCAL. (The data is a rough guide which can not
be used in medical treatment.)
ODO (ODOMETER): Displays total amount of distance from the first use. The range is from 0.0 to
9999 M (Miles). User also can press the mode key to display the odometer value.
RPM (REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE): Counts each stroke within a minute. The range is from 0 to 400.
1. If the computer display appears improper or becomes difficult to read, please re-install the batteries
and try again.
2. Battery Spec: 1.5V UM-4 or AAA (2PCS).
3. The batteries must be removed from the appliance before it is disposed of safely.