Issue 4
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The V-2001A-E Page Control Unit is manufactured by
Valcom, Inc.
The V-2001A-E provides telephone system access to
a single zone of one-way paging.
"WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or
electric shock, do not expose this equipment
to rain or moisture."
"WARNING: Shock Hazard - Do Not Open."
"AVIS: Risque de Choc Electrique ne pas
"PELIGRO: Corriente Electrica - No Abra."
“CAUTION: To reduce the risk of fire replace
only with same type 1A, 125V fuse. 1A, 125V
may be replaced by a 0.5A, 250V provided
voltage selector is set for 230V.”
“DANGER: Afin de réduire le risque de feu,
remplacez le fusible par le même type de
fusible à 1A, 125V. On peut utiliser un fusible
à 0.5A, 250V pourvu que le sélecteur
dalimentation soit fixé sur 230V. Ne pas
“VORSICHT: Zur verringerung von
feuergefahr die sicherung nur mit derselben
type 1A, 125V ersetzen. Statt 1A, 125V Kann
0.5A, 250V Benutzt werden, vorausgesetzt, die
spannung ist auf 230V eingestellt. Nicht
“PELIGRO: Para reducir el peligro de
incendio remplazarlo unicamente con un
fusible del mismo tipo 1A, 125V. El fusible de
1A, 125V podra ser remplazado por uno de
0.5A, 250V si el selector de voltaje esta puesto
en 230V. No abres.”
Access Methods
Electronic Key System (C. O. Line Position)
PABX (Loop or Earth Call Trunk Port)
1A2 Key Systems (400 type line card required)
600 Ohm Page Port
Stand Alone Handset(s) (Used for access of the
V-2001A-E only)
Page override capability (Using C. O. line
position or loop start trunk port)
Switchable battery feed for loop start operation
RJ11 for "A" and "B" connections
AGC on all voice outputs
Provides audio for up to 150 Valcom one-way
amplified speaker assemblies
Background music input
Voice operated VOX to mute music during page
Optional contact closure activation
Easily accessible music and tone volume controls
Removable screw terminal connectors provided
Supplies 20 Valcom power units
(1 Amp -24VDC) for powering speaker amplifier
Page with music outputs (2 provided) music
mutes during page
Page without music output
Time clock/single tone (Contact closure

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