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5. If you can pull a test piece out, that casting requires adjustment. Follow Step 6.
6. CASTING ADJUSTMENT: Unlock brake, loosen screw that secures Wedge to Pivot Arm and slide
Wedge toward back of brake 1/8 inch. Re-test and repeat Steps 2-6 if necessary.
7. If Wedges are worn and adjustments cannot be obtained, replace all Wedges.
8. If brake is properly adjusted and material continues to slip, material is beyond the brake capacity.
Switch to a thinner material, different alloy, or different temper.
Techniques and examples explained are not intended to be fully-exhaustive and denitive. The best method
depends on the specic construction of the building worked on, the brand and type of material used, and the
particular skills of the installer.
A. Mark both ends of material to be bent (use pencil, punch or snips).
B. Insert material into brake to appropriate marks, lock brake by pushing Lock Handle all the way to
the stop position.
C. Bend to desired angle in one continuous, smooth motion.
NOTE: During bend, hold Bending Handle equal distance from ends of Handle. If overbend on one end oc-
curs while standing at center of brake, move your body in opposite direction of overbend.
A. Insert material into brake to the appropriate marks and overbend to maximum.
B. Unlock brake and remove material, then re-lock.
C. Place material against face of F-Bar with angle of material just bent resting between Stainless
Edge and Vinyl Strip on Front Hinge.
D. Rotate Front Hinge up to atten angle against F-Bar (Mark I
Series), or lift, then rotate Front
Hinge to atten angle (TrimMaster
& Metal Master 20
Cutting Material
Do not use a siding knife for slitting material on your brake. Use TrimCutter
Part No. 3017, which
was designed to provide accurate, clean cuts on siding materials.